Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mariana’s BBQ and World Cup Final - July 9, 2006

Today was World Cup Final (Italy vs France) and we were invited to watch the game at Luis’s house in the backyard. Which, of course, begs the question, how would we watch the game in Luis’s backyard? Well, apparently Luis “borrowed” a flat screen monitor from work and hooked it up to the cable so we could watch the game in high definition. Worked out well except for the sound but I think we all know what a goal looks like by now. :) [After 4 weeks of watching soccer, I would think so.]

So, everyone came from far and near to watch the game, swim in the pool, chat, drink, eat and yell at the referree. It was a blast.

Mariana's BBQ And World Cup Final Photos

Germany vs. Portugal - what to do

So, if your mom is Portuguese and your dad is German, who do you cheer for at the World Cup Final third place match of Portugal versus Germany? You don’t…you sleep through it. :)

Gabriel’s mohawk - June 18, 2006

Stephanie cut Gabriel’s hair today and she decided he would look cute with a mohawk. And well, she was right.

Gabriel's Mohawk Photos

Portugal Day - June 10, 2006

Happy Portugal Day, or as we say it in Portuguese, Happy Portugal day!

‘Dia de Portugal’ started off with the traditional portugal day parade. It was another hot June day but we (Mom, Grandma, Me and Rui) sat in the shade so we were ok. Helen, Richard and Gabriel walked for Abrigo once more this year then sat with us to watch the rest of the very looooooooong parade…although I think this year it was only an hour and a half. :)

Gabriel seemed to enjoy all the colorful floats although he did try to get away a few times. :)

It was good.

Portugal Day Photos