Friday, September 8, 2006

New York…New York - August 4->August 8, 2006

Neil and I went back to New York over the August long weekend for our ten year anniversary. Yes, I said ten years. We stayed at the Rihga Royal Hotel, which is no longer called that. Wasn’t our fault, really. I think it was just hard to pronounce. Come Fall 2006, it will be called London NYC. See, easy to say.

Anyway, we decided this time to partake in all the activities we didn’t get a chance to do last time since we spent most of the time being ‘tourists’. So this time around, we went to all the zoos! Hey, we like animals. More so, we like taking pictures of animals. Especially when Neil buys a new digital camera and wants to try it out. So you will see in the photo album tons of pictures of animals. They’re so photogenic. And they never squirm!

We went to the New York Aquarium (skip if you go), Coney Island (for kids), New York Central Park Zoo (it’s pretty good for being a small zoo) and the Bronx Zoo (which was great! - definitely go if you ever get to NewYork).

We tried out a few restaurants - California Pizza Kitchen (still great), Grimaldi’s Pizza (which I loved - this place has been there for years - small mama and papa restaurant), went back to Johnny Rocket’s (still have the best burgers around) and had the original hot dog at Nathan’s Famous. Well, not the original… come on… I think that may have caused a quarantine by now. But a facsimile of. Any they are right, it is the best hot dog around.

We also went to see a broadway show. Now I can say I’ve seen a broadway show in New York. We saw ‘The Producers’ and I honestly think it would have been really funny with Nathan Lane (the original lead actor). The two Brazilian gay guys sitting behind us really enjoyed it. For those who don’t know, it is a gay show. Oh well…still had its moments.

It was fun, we had a great time.

New York New York Photos

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