Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heaven on Earth otherwise known as Ste. Anne’s Spa

Day 1 – Welcome to a piece of Heaven on Earth

You can’t tell by looking at the outside of Ste Anne’s Spa that there is a hidden spa inside. And yet, as soon as you can walk through the glass door, every person greets you with a smile, whether guest or employee. It’s an all-welcoming committee that makes you forget about the drive, the worry, the stress and the work. You immediately realize this quiet country inn a mere 70 minutes east of Toronto is a little slice of heaven.

Of course, being that it is the first day, it takes a while to fully relax and enjoy the experience which is why most people who come here stay for a few days. Day 1 is all about getting settled in, taking a deep breath of fresh air and trying to relax. And that is just what I did.

Best thing about day 1 of Ste Anne’s Spa was the food. A delicious pan seared salmon fillet with roasted red potatoes and vegetables, fresh multigrain bread and a too-rich chocolate mousse cake to top it all off. It was my biggest meal of the day and the best one.

After that, I was ready to sleep even thought it was not even 8:00. It was a great start to what was sure to be a great 3 days off.

Day 2, I discover the hot tubs.

You forget what fresh air tastes like living in the city. It takes taking a few deep breaths and a few days to fully appreciate how calming and beautiful clean country air is. After 10 restful hours of sleep, I was ready for my true first day at the Spa to begin. Off to breakfast I went to again pick and choose a wonderful meal cooked with freshly picked ingredients. I forgot how tasty freshly cooked food was.

My treatment for the day was a much needed deep tissue Swedish massage. You do not know much how much tension you have until someone tries to remove it. Then, you know. And boy did I have tension. Kudos to my wonderful massage therapist who dug in and dug deep to release even the tightest of knots (ouch shoulders!). She was fantastic and, after that, a much needed respite in the hot tub was in order. Oh how my weary muscles applauded when I sank into the 104F water. Much relief!

An hour of stretching, another dip in the hot tub and swimming pool and three more delicious meals later, I was ready for another great night’s sleep.

You forget what peace and quiet feels like until that is all you have. And, for the record, it feels wonderful.

Day3: Sweet potato heaven

Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite food is and the answer better be sweet potato fries. Well today, not only was I treated to sweet potato wedges, but also a divine sweet potato soup with maple syrup – delectable! What a way to end a positively enjoyable experience at Ste Anne’s Spa.

My aromatherapy genius (as I will refer to her) provided me with the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had while enjoying the sound of nature in the outdoor gazebo. Followed by that, a scrumptious afternoon tea and then off for my naturally exfoliating facial. My skin never looked so radiant.

Another dip in the hot tub and I was ready for my last supper (oh how dramatic!). And a wonderful dinner of salmon and sweet potato heaven it was. Followed by a vanilla cheesecake, I was ready for another good night’s sleep.

Day 4: Time to say Goodbye

I reluctantly got up on my last day at the Spa wishing I could stay a little longer. With a sigh, I went for a 1 km walk along a peacefully quiet road. I strolled; I sauntered and deliberately took my time so as to enjoy what was left of my short but relaxing time at Ste. Anne’s Spa. A final wonderful lunch and I unwillingly got into my car for the drive home. My time here was short but memorable and I received exactly what I needed from it: serenity. Thank you Ste. Anne.