Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Take me to the place where...

Take me to the place where the rocks are red and the sea is blue, where birds chirp, trees sway and turtles roam.
Here I shall wait for you. In the shadows.
Take me to the place where the sun is bright, the sand is pink and the flowers are red.
We shall tread softly through the trees so as not to disturb the beetles.
Take me to the place where the sea blends into the sand, where the sun heats the ocean, where the earth becomes the sky.
Here we will stand together. And apart.
Here we will whisper across the grass and hear each other.
Here we will hug, dance, smile and laugh. Quietly.
Here no one will hear us but everyone will know we were here.
Take me to the place where you have been so I shall be there too.
Lucrative. Exemplary.
Very excited. Delighted.
Love. Immediately.
Firm. Reliable. Exceptional.
We all love you very much.

In the Shadows

I have been here.
Are you there?
Please come in softly.
Stay there.
Walk over here.
Hug me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a hot sunny day in August.

But not just another hot, sunny day; today is my birthday. I am 9. All my friends and family are over and there is a huge balloon castle in my backyard. We each take turns.

As my family and friends sing happy birthday, my gaze looks over at the pile of presents. There were many presents. A smile creeps over my face. I turn to blow out the candles.

Now it is time to open the gifts. My eyes look over at the big present. I wonder what could be in it. A bike? A skateboard? A dollhouse? I am excited as the box comes closer.

Finally. With my eyes wide open in anticipation, I rip off the paper. It's a box. As I eagerly look for the lid, my eyes look up. Everyone is looking at me. I open the lid. My mouth drops. In the box, there is a big, puffy, bright yellow ski jacket?? There is a big, puffy, bright yellow ski jacket??

I look at my mom. I look down. It is still a big, puffy, bright yellow ski jacket. I wonder where my mom found this. I look outside. It's a hot sunny day in August.

I looked at the water...

...and I wanted to go in. It was another perfect sunny day at the beach. There were already divers on the rock getting ready to jump in but me, I had to swim near the shore; I was too little to dive. The water was salty but I enjoyed jumping over the waves; they were huge. I looked back and saw my mom waving from the towel, urging me to go in. But I didn't. I just stood at the shore and let the waves hit my legs. To me, this was fun.

I remember the color of his eyes...

..not so much what shade it was but the depth of colour, it was almost as if I could see into his soul. This was the first time I remember writing poetry and love letters and allowing someone else to read them. I was free to say what I wanted, how I wanted and there would be no judgments, no critiques; only admiration and respect. As I sit here now, it dawns on me that I haven't written like that since then. Perhaps I've had no reason to. My muse came and went and now I look for it in everyone's eyes just to see if I find a glimpse. I am still looking...