Monday, January 21, 2013

12 days with no coffee...

and I am jonesing for a cup! Seriously jonesing.

Ah well. This is all for the good of my health. And honestly, I do feel better overall.

I have more energy, i don't feel as bloated anymore and i feel good. Mostly.

This week will be the ultimate test as it is the second week and our food intake is even more restrictive than the first - mostly shake, fruits and veggies. I already feel hungry. But I am sticking to it.

I am determined to make it through the three weeks. I want to see how good I can look and feel eating healthy choices. I think it'll be an awakening.

Although I am still jonesing for that cup of coffee...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sometimes i think I'm going to starve...

because I eat a lot in one sitting and I gobble it down like it's going to disappear in front of me if I don't.  Do I actually believe I will starve if I don't eat lots of food? all at once? Sometimes i eat until I can no longer eat or

This is something I have to watch while I am on the detox. Mind you, I will be eating healthy food but still. I always feel bloated regardless of what I eat. So, now I have to be cognizant of eating slowly and enjoying my food so I don't get bloated and I eat until I am almost full..and not full full!

Today was a great example of eating too much and believing I will starve if I don't. I don't know why I do it but I do. 

In lieu of eating too much in future days, I will be writing my thoughts here to get me through the  tough times...when I want that cookie or want that extra piece of chicken that I do not need! 

So expect a lot of new posts as I start this new chapter towards a healthier life.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 - The year of Sandra

So I decided to undergo a detox this year. Due to my overwhelming desire to eat gluten, I was always feeling bloated and generally not well. And I just had enough of it.

It was time to feel well and look well. So I found a very supporting group of people who have chosen to embark on this quest with me for a healthier life.

I start my detox on Sunday and am nervous, anxious and excited. I'm writing this here so I can be accountable to whoever reads it. So that, when I am tempted to eat something I cannot, I will come here and tell anyone who will listen how I feel and how I want to be healthy for life so that I will not eat the "forbidden fruit" - so to speak.

Wish me luck as I start the healthy year of Sandra.